About Dan Linehan

Hi, I am Daniel J. Linehan. I was born in Northern Ireland and raised in the Bronx, New York and have been drawing and creating in various styles of fine arts since the age of six. I love to draw in the most difficult way possible; by making mistakes and refining my art until I see it as done. A staunch advocate of the artist, I truly believe we are given this gift to change the world. I am the middle child of 5 siblings and have three powerfully talented artists that I have had the joy of raising.

Art is a healing gift

My struggle with PTSD and depression gives me a perspective that most do not have; an insight that you see reflected in my art.  I give you my absolute best, just as I have done all my life and as a person who served in the Marine Corps and built Water tunnel number three in New York City. I am a high speed, low-drag personality that has given his time in the service of others all of my life. It is my hope that you, the viewers of my collections, thoroughly enjoy your experience.

A lifetime artist

I love pointillism, as it is the most difficult style to produce straight out of your head. I have a gift of telling stories through this imagery. Recently, I made the decision to share my art with the world, which is the most vulnerable I have ever been. A conqueror of abuse and a lifetime artist, I strive to produce the type of art that takes you across the line of moral indignation. In doing this, my hope is that my art causes you to experience true heart-felt emotional bliss and, at times, makes you think.

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If you enjoy my art, please add a piece to your collection! You will be helping me continue to create more intriguing pieces that represent perplexities that have troubled me all of my life.

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